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08-31-2007, 12:48 AM
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Vital Stats

name: Jeff Barkley

email: jeff@barkleyfunding.com

age: 49

Location: Discovery Bay, California

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 225 and growing!!!

Current Bodyfat Percentage: 6% (and going up...lol)

Years working out: Not counting the year out for cancer....28 years!!!

Number of Competitions to date: 7

(Other) Sports Played: Martial Arts, Football, Baseball, competitive snow skiing.

Favorite Bodypart: J. has none in particular. He tries to stay balanced...For right now however, his focus is on
bringing up his legs. After chemotherapy he weighed just 130lbs. Needless to say... his legs and glutes were nonexistent...

Favorite Exercise: J. just loves to train. He doesn't have a favorite exercise. J's been quoted as saying: "Everday training is a blessing and I feel elated everytime I perform a rep, whether it's curls, bent rows, or squats...it's the greatest feeling in the world...besides the feeling I have when I'm with my wife."

Favorite Supplements: none...

J. Barkley... the interview:

Getnarked: How'd you get started?

jbarkley I got my first weight set when I was 11 years old with greenstamps.(greenstamps use to be given out at grocery stores and
gas stations for you purchase, they had outlet stores you could exchange them for items in their catalog) so cool...Didn't know a thing about it
until I was in my late teens. I started to work in gyms in 1979 and had the opportunity to go to work for Larry Scott at his gym. I worked with
him on and off until the mid-90's, we remain close friends.

Getnarked: What is your current workout split?

jbarkley I use a 5 day split Nark..

Day 1: Shoulders; traps; and calves

Day 2: Biceps and triceps

Day 3: Chest and hams

Day 4: Back: Lats and lower back.

Day 5: Quads and abs.

Getnarked: What split worked best for you?

jbarkley I have used every split imaginable over the past 28 years. I have made good gains on my current split however.

Getnarked: What other training methods have you tried?

jbarkley I've done: Slo-mo, 100 rep, and heavy-duty training.

Getnarked: What nutrition plan worked best for you?

jbarkley My current diet works reallywell for my needs. It consists of: Organic meats, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and
protein supplementation.

Getnarked: What's your current supplement regime?

jbarkley I use a mix of different proteins. I also use: CLA's, Flax seed oil, Fish oil, coQ10, Multiple vit/min,
Vit.C, saw palmetto, glucosomine, glutamine, bcaa's, potassium, and probiotics.

Getnarked: What do you love about the bodybuilding lifestyle?

jbarkley Honestly? It's a sport that you can take with you a live 24/7. It's really a wonderful feeling to know
that your taking care of your health, being strong and staying biologically younger than your chronological age! Great stuff!

Getnarked: What are your future bodybuilding/fitness plans?

jbarkley I would like to add enough size this year to win a Master's national qualifier, then in
2009 compete in Master National's in the Grand Master's class as I will then be 50 years old (holy crap, that happened fast)

Getnarked: What tips would you give to those trying to get into the lifestyle?

jbarkley Get with a good trainer from the beginning and set a good foundation from
the start!!!

Discuss realistic goals and get in your mind the vision of yourself that you would like to become. Diet is really a huge part of
your fitness regime, get the proper information from someone that has he experience....maybe you should try Apollo Fitness!

Getnarked: lol.. thanks for the plug J.


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