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  1. CBGB
    We tend to take it for granted. We have some really great hunting up here. My families property is down close to the MO/ARK line. We've got 136 acres and about 80 of those are wooded with a lot of bluffs. It's far too easy. I often pass up the first couple deer so I can spend more time out and get the take my pick. It's by far my favorite place to be.
  2. malicai
    Man, MO? I'm jealous as hell! You got some monsters up there. I've been wanting to draw a muzzleloader tag for that area for a few years now. They get to be decent size around here. Family owned property here in TX. The best kind of lease. Where no lease owner tells you the rules, you get to make em. Season is starting to look good. A lot of water is around and the tracks are plentiful. November 3rd can't get here fast enough!!
  3. CBGB
    We don't get to hunt 'em down until Nov 10. It's always a great season here. I've got some property in MO where we have a deer camp every year (middle aged men hunting all day/drinking and lying all night). Always fun, always deer!

    How about you.
  4. malicai
    Fellow deer hunter? Season looking good this year?

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