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Conversation Between Travis Tilley and Derrick Mills
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  1. Travis Tilley
    Travis Tilley
    Get online more if you can buddy.
  2. Travis Tilley
    Travis Tilley
    Do you train at all on the weekends?
  3. Derrick Mills
    Derrick Mills
    Well, I train at Bean's or the Y every time I get a chance. Are you gonna train up at Bean's this summer? It's warming up thank god, I might even check out the pond this weekend.
  4. Travis Tilley
    Travis Tilley
    Really good man..Where are you training at?
  5. Derrick Mills
    Derrick Mills
    Hey what's up? I remembered this website and have been on it a lot lately. How u ben?
  6. Derrick Mills
    Derrick Mills
    I'm at my Dad's house now, I'm taking the summer course at Rio. I'll be here Monday-Thursday, but I'll come back to my mom's on Thursday. Anyways, I'm lifting out here on those days, but when the classes are over I'll be up at Beano's everyday. I saw Judd at the Y today, he said that he was trying to get ahold of you and see if you want to lift with him, he said your the only reliable person.
  7. Derrick Mills
    Derrick Mills
    Very true. Mabe a few ajustments to the roster and they'll be back in it next year. Orlando has a great set up, they are filled with snipers and have Howard under the rim.
  8. Travis Tilley
    Travis Tilley
    Yes they HAVE to get a big man. Howard humiliated them.
  9. Derrick Mills
    Derrick Mills
    Man the Cavs lost, but the oficiating didn't help. There's always next year.
  10. Travis Tilley
    Travis Tilley
    Go Cavs!! LBJ>everyone else (yes kobe)

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