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StrawberrySun 02-18-2010 04:57 AM

New Windows Smartphone
"I'm starting to think that if phones get any smarter, pickpockets will be able to retire by 30. Believe it or not, there was a time when people walked the streets with at least a vague awareness of the world around them. Then came headphones and, even worse, cell phones, which turned the world’s urban pedestrians into self-absorbed, inconsiderate drones. Now, Microsoft is hoping to complete the transformation with its new Windows 7 Series Phone. According to a preview video (posted below) smuggled out of the Mobile World Congress this week, Microsoft's entry into the smart-phone arena is perfect for those who want to browse multiple apps simultaneously, listen to music, watch videos and even take pictures of themselves—all while traversing a major metropolis on foot. I realize this is just a visual metaphor for how the new Windows phone "moves at the speed of life" or whatever, but maybe it's also time to ask ourselves how completely we really want to be jacked into the Matrix every time we leave the house. An all-encompassing digital experience is fine and good when you're in the safety of your own living room, but must we celebrate the idea of detaching from reality at every possible opportunity? If so, maybe we deserve whatever unwelcome surprise fate has in store, whether it's a purse-snatcher, an open manhole or just the public humiliation of walking full speed into a parking meter."

— David Griner

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