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StrawberrySun 11-04-2009 04:12 PM

U.K. refuses to condemn 'Antichrist' sex ads

Lars von Trier's new movie, Antichrist, is provoking outrage all over the place, so it's only natural that the ads are causing a stink, too. A number of British people are ticked off about posters like this one (warning: slightly more butt!), showing the film's main characters having sex in front of a tree, which appears to be growing human hands. The Ad Standards Authority, which often gives amusing reasons for condemning or pardoning ad campaigns, is giving this one a pass, ruling that it's "unlikely to cause sexual excitement." The ruling also said: "The dream-like context, introduced by the hands protruding from the tree, had the effect of making the image of the naked couple seem removed from reality." So, expect lots more dream-sequence butt shots in British ads in future.

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